Rabbi David Ani


Certified Mohel

Rabbi David Ani is a Certified Mohel. He was privileged to apprentice and train as an expert professional Mohel, under the guidance and personal training of Rabbi Ephraim Josovic, a leading Mohel in the United Kingdom and dean of the London School of Circumcision giving him the technical expertise necessary to be a practiced knowledgeable and skillful Mohel.

Rabbi David Ani received his Rabbinic ordinations from Mikdash Melech Rabbinical College in Brooklyn NY, located on Ocean Pkwy in the heart of Flatbush. He also holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Talmudic Law.

About the Mohel

Rabbi David Ani is currently the Rabbi of Congregation Beth El of Flatbush. Congregation Beth El of Flatbush is known to one and all as the most open and accepting Synagogue in all of Brooklyn NY. Rabbi David Ani’s years of interaction dealing with people from all sorts of religious backgrounds and denominations enables him to relate extremely comfortably with all people, Jews and non-Jews alike that may or may not be affiliated with any or all denominations. His personable demeanor and caring nature will make your child’s Brit a most memorable and inclusive experience one that family and friends alike will never forget.

In addition to his responsibilities as Rabbi he also serves as part time Chazzan and is comfortable performing services in English or the original Hebrew.

Rabbi David Ani has traveled extensively in the USA and abroad to perform Brit Milahs on infants and young children, as well as adults. He is available to make Brit Milah a heartwarming and meaningful Jewish experience in the NYC Metropolitan area as well as Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut and beyond.

About the Brit Milah (Bris) Procedure

Rabbi David Ani uses only sterilized stainless steel instruments that are sanitized using the best most modern methods of hygienity.

Rabbi David Ani also provides the parents with a very detailed list of after-care instructions and follows up with the parents of every child that he is involved with, he is also available to answer questions from parents twenty four hours a day.

Rabbi David Ani is also highly recommended by physicians, nurses, satisfied parents and leading Rabbis it would be a great honor for him to serve your family for your Brit Milah needs and all of your life cycle events.