Brit Supplies


Supplies to be brought to the Brit (Circumcision)

The following is a checklist of supplies that are needed for the Brit (circumcision) if you are unable to obtain any of the supplies please call the Mohel so he can arrange to have them in time for the Brit.

  • 6 Cloth diapers

  • 3 Disposable pampers

  • 1 Pack baby wipes

  • 2 Full size pillows

  • 1 Receiving blanket

  • 1 Pacifier (if baby is used to pacifier)

  • Kiddush cup and a kosher wine, Kedem or Manishewitz

  • 25 Gauze pads 3” X 3” inches

  • 1 Large tube Bacitracin, Neosporin or triple antibiotic ointment

  • 2 piece outfit with removable pants is preferable

  • Infants Tylenol

  • 1 pint-sized bottle of alcohol

  • 1 Bottle with formula or breast milk. Even if the mother is nursing the baby, we still need a small feeding bottle of milk or water.

Supplementary Instructions

If the Brit is to be performed in a synagogue or catering hall, Baby should arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the Brit. If the Brit is to be performed in a home setting, please set up a large solid table covered with a large clean towel, with good strong lighting, as the place for the Brit. A bridge table is not sufficiently secure and is generally not tall enough for a Brit.

Baby should be WELL FED one hour prior to the Brit this way he will be less fussy during and after the brit, after that baby should not be fed until after the Brit.

No ointment on Brit area 12 hrs. before the Brit.

Baby should be given a sponge bath the night before Brit.

The baby should be examined by your pediatrician or the Mohel to make sure that there is NO JAUNDICE. Your son’s penis should also be examined by his physician before the day of the Brit. This reduces the chances of a last minute postponement for health reasons. Prior to the ceremony, the Mohel will want to examine the baby in a separate room. If your son develops any medical problems prior to the Brit Milah please let the Mohel know ASAP.